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To be frank, when I first saw this software, my first reaction to it were feelings of jealousy. 

What you have here is an ingenious software masterpiece, that would have made a very good fit for my own premium software product line, if only I had come up with a brilliant script like this first.

Direct to Desktop Buzz has everything and more you'll ever want from a Desktop Communication Software - at a price that's a steal.

Its ease of use and flexibility simply makes it a dream come true for any online entrepreneur that is looking for a secure and reliant way to communicate with his clients and prospects.

Mike Beletro

From: Mike Serovey, MA, MISM 

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you're looking for a new and more effective way of communicating with your own subscribers or customers…

If you're sick and tired of watching your email open rates plummet because your marketing messages are getting lost in the mounds of spam filling everyone's inboxes…

If you want a powerful and easy way to get more people to see your promotions and make more sales…

If you want to create a more personal and prized relationship with your subscribers and customers…

… Then you most definitely will want to hear this.

As much as it pains me to say, email marketing looks like it is dying a slow painful death.

Let me explain.

See I use email frequently to keep in touch with our customers... or at least we used to. (More on what I changed to in just a minute).

In the past, I've been a big fan of email marketing. But thanks to spammers, hackers, and other unethical nasty folks, it's become even harder for honest marketers like you and me. Their actions make it harder and harder for us to communicate with our subscribers and customers than it's ever been before.

Now don't get me wrong.

Some of the “hoops” that ethical marketers have to jump through are needed. Otherwise, the problems with junk email would be even worse!

That doesn't mean it's not frustrating as hell for honest online business owners to have to deal with. After all, we're just trying to stay in touch with people who have said they wanted to hear from us.

For a long time, I kept quiet about this feeling of mine. I thought I was worrying about the declining results from my email marketing was only a temporary problem.

But that was before I realized...

3 Painfully Honest Reasons Why
Email Marketing Is In A Downward Spiral...

Many years ago, email marketing started out as a great marketing weapon. It was low-cost (or even free) to use. Even better, email made it incredibly easy to get response rates that would make an offline marketer drool with envy.

Now, email marketing has taken a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. And unfortunately for marketers, email is slowly losing its effectiveness.

It's a slow painful death — like the old saying “a death by a thousand paper cuts”. While one cut by itself isn't enough to really hurt you… the more cuts you suffer, the more dramatic the effect until eventually it's too much to overcome.

In my opinion, email marketing suffered three major strikes — blows that have turned out to be really bad news...

Strike #1: SPAM

As more and more unwanted emails (also known as spam) are sent out, all hosting companies are forced to set up more and more barriers to block it. Those barriers make it even harder for emails from people that you want to talk to get through.

What do you do as a marketer trying to get his marketing email to as much of his list as possible?

Good question.

For starters, you try to improve the chances of your email being delivered to your subscribers inbox and not their junk folder. Maybe you add extra characters in “red flag” words like 'free' or 'money' and other normal marketing phrases don't trigger a spam filter.

Maybe you tone down your email subject line... or whatever the latest “tricks” you've heard to boost email delivery rates.

You do all of this stuff with email marketing because your subscribers' junk folder is the one folder you don't want your emails landing. Heck, if your subscribers are like me, they just empty their junk folder without even opening it. (Talk about killing your marketing's chances of success!)

You might even try to doing things like using a well-respected email delivery service… getting your website white listed with all of the major internet service providers.

That's because spam filters can take your latest marketing efforts... and completely flatten your response rates. It's hard to make more sales if your subscribers' spam filters are refusing to let your email through.

Add in everyone's frustration with seeing their email inboxes filled with junk email and is it any wonder why so many people talk so badly about spammers?

Unfortunately, that's not the only mortal blow to email marketing…

Strike #2: Free Email Accounts

Do you have a free email account with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or another service? You're not alone. Most internet users do… some people have more than one free account! (Can you blame them? The accounts are free!)

Now free email accounts can be wonderful but they come with their own set of terms and conditions. Many times, they have less storage space than a paid email account would offer. Even an email account on your own website has more storage capacity… a couple clicks of the mouse and your own website's email boxes are instantly bigger.

Not so with a free email provider.

Since many people don't check their free accounts regularly, it's only a matter of time until their email box is full. And when an email account is full, all of the new emails coming in are bounced back to the sender. So your customer who gladly asked for you to send product update alerts won't get them if their free email box is full.

As a marketer, you have no control over what the free email account providers consider to be spam. They won't tell you either — believe me I've tried and have never gotten a straight answer from them. Of course, what one free email provider says is spam… another provider says is perfectly fine. (Talk about confusing!)

Here's the part that is really painful to hear.

Many of the free email accounts put their 'report spam' button right next to the delete button! If one of your subscribers accidentally hits the spam button, your double-opted in email gets reported. Your email might be 100% content and pitch-free… but it still gets reported as spam.

Let me use Yahoo's free email service as an example.

If Yahoo gets too many spam reports about even one of your emails, then all of your emails will be blocked from reaching any subscriber or customer of yours with a Yahoo email account.

Then you have to appeal to the free email provider to unblock your emails so your subscribers and customers using that provider can actually get your emails again.

All of the hoops and hassle every free email provider makes an honest marketer jump through are a major hassle.

But that's not all. There's still one more thing which literally ends the effectiveness of email marketing — maybe even for good…

Strike #3: Keeping customer email addresses up to date.

Thanks to the constant barrage of spam and overflowing full inboxes, many people have stopped checking their free email accounts. They just go and open a new email account somewhere else instead. The problem is, they rarely contact you and give you an updated email address so you can keep in contact with them like you do with all of your customers.

Unlike the mail delivered to your home, there are no forwarding addresses for email.


You have to do all of the email changes yourself. That is unless you are “lucky enough” to have a customer who updates their email address on your list for you.

Unfortunately, the people who will change their email address themselves are just a small fraction of your list. You can expect to slowly lose touch with a big chunk of your customer list over time simply from changing email addresses.

It's enough to discourage any marketer from wanting to send any emails to their lists!

Please don't get discouraged…

How To Get Your Own Direct Marketing Pipeline To Your Own Subscribers With 100% Delivery Rate Every time...

Imagine using a system where you had...

... No competitors using the same system to contact the same people that are on your list...

... No spam or junk filters to hurdle to deliver your message...

... No worries about which email accounts your subscribers wanted to use (because the system doesn't use email systems)..

... or any of the usual hassles of traditional email marketing!

Wouldn't that be valuable to the online marketer looking for a competitive edge?

You bet!

Introducing your new professional marketing pipeline...

“Direct to Desktop Buzz”

A 100% secure marketing machine that works
from your computer desktop — virtually on demand!

You see, through my recent survey, I found out that my customers were just as frustrated with using email to stay in touch with their subscribers. They hated the idea of using email to answer customer questions and hope the customers got their replies quickly.

They loved being able to send something right from their desktop to their customers at just the click of a button.

That's when I knew I was onto something that could be ground-breaking.

I literally had an open invitation to create a state-of-the-art software tool that could give smart marketers a major advantage over their competitors.

While their competition was busy worrying about how to lessen their email marketing pains… my customers would be able to talk to everyone on their lists — literally on demand!

I was really excited. It was like discovering the secret to turning an old, broken-down car... into a high-powered brand new Ferrari!


"Professional, Cutting Edge, Brilliant!"

I honestly can't remember when I've been so impressed by a communications software of any kind. 

Professional, Cutting Edge, Brilliant! 

Direct to Desktop Buzz surpasses anything I could've imagined. It is so valuable to have the ability to instantly send anything from the simplest of text messages to the most elaborate web page imaginable including audio, video, opt in forms, payment buttons, or whatever a person desires. 

The boatload of automated features you installed, like prescheduling multiple message sets to designated groups & signups, exceptional security measures and automated login support just to name a few.

Of course knowing all your recipients receive all your messages in a timely manner without a spam complaint ever is really special.

I'm just astounded by all that's inside this software! So many doors are opened to effectively use this technology for business. This has got to be considered the king of online communication.

You far exceeded my expectations and I want to give you a big thank you for Direct to Desktop Buzz. 

Thank you,
John Evans

Shh… This Marketing Weapon Is
Incredibly Powerful In The Smart Marketer's Hands…

There's only one technology that can deliver any message to your customers and subscribers all of the time and that's desktop messaging technology.

The good news I had “Direct to Desktop Buzz” built using that very technology so ordinary people like you and me can put it to use in our own businesses.

Simply choose which lists you want to send a message. Then with a few clicks of your mouse, “Direct to Desktop Buzz” takes your message and sends it directly to your subscriber's desktop. They can use our proprietary reader to open, read, and even respond to your marketing message.

It's painlessly simple for you to use…

No email address lists to keep up to date…
No worrying about spam filters, white listing, or other email marketing headaches either!

You get an instant delivery of your messages to everyone on your list every time.

Here's some additional good news: If you have ever used any autoresponder software or service, then you can easily use “Direct to Desktop Buzz” instead.

There is no learning curve because I've insisted on this software being made easy to use!

But don't just take my word on it.

Here's 11 Incredibly Powerful Things
“Direct to Desktop Buzz” Will Do For Your Business…

ZERO delivery issues to your subscribers and customers… (How many email delivery services can claim that? The answer is none!)

Your messages are delivered instantly to each and every subscriber’s desktop. You'll grab their attention before they even open their email account!

An exclusive channel with zero competition.

When your subscribers receive your messages, they won’t be distracted by any other emails they've received.

It's like having your own TV channel where you control 100% of the programming!

A direct pipeline to your subscribers. Our software shows you which of your contacts are opening your messages. You have a direct channel to your readers with no spam filters blocking the way...

Divide and conquer.

You can segment your list to target specific customers – hitting each segment of your audience with customized messages that match their interest and desires.

It's a virtual guarantee that your marketing results will see dramatically higher conversion rates!

Build valuable lifetime relationships with your list.

“Direct to Desktop Buzz” allows you to communicate directly with every contact so you can build genuine relationships with them over time.

There is no way you could do this with offline marketing without spending a small fortune on printing and postage.

Track and measure all your results. Unlike other forms of marketing & advertising, “Direct to Desktop Buzz” allows you to quickly evaluate the success of your campaigns.

No more guesswork — you'll know exactly what worked and did not. This will easily save you thousands in wasted marketing & advertising dollars.

Schedule messages to appear when you want.

Choose by certain dates... or even in response to certain actions like a new subscriber signing up.

You can set up a timed series of messages that keep your readers getting an automatic steady stream of great content and promotions from you.

Total control over every message and all of your customers' desktop reader.

Let's say you have a membership site that you want to automate the content delivery. You make the wise decision to do so using “Direct to Desktop Buzz”.

With most membership site scripts, if a customer asks for a refund, it's usually after they have downloaded everything in your members download area.

Not a problem with “Direct to Desktop Buzz”.

Simply deactivate their desktop viewer — you can even uninstall it from their computer if you like — using a few clicks of your mouse inside “Direct to Desktop Buzz”. (Talk about a powerful feature!)

Infinite lists and subscribers.

Create as many desktop viewers as you want each with its own content, product offers, and subscriber lists.

Best of all, you'll never have to pay extra fees because you have built a big subscriber list. “Direct to Desktop Buzz” comes with a one-time fee (more on this in a bit)

Create ebooks, membership sites, paid subscription newsletters… link them to one of your “Direct to Desktop Buzz” lists (or create a brand new list)... set up your automated steady stream of great content and promotions.

Let's face it: The number of ways you can use “Direct to Desktop Buzz” is virtually endless!

Automated Limited Time Offers.

Here's one of my favorite features — you can set expiration dates for your messages. After a particular date that message will not appear even if a new user subscribes. It's perfect for making limited time offers to your lists!

Let me tell you a bit more about your direct marketing pipeline…

Thanks to “Direct to Desktop Buzz”, your messages are always delivered to every one on your list. Your message appears in your custom reader software that's already installed on their own desktop.

No more wondering how many customers got your message because all of them will get every single one of your messages.

You don't need any creative or cute headlines to get your customers to open your message. Every list you build in “Direct to Desktop Buzz” is 100% opt-in so each one of them already knows that they want to read your message.

You don't need to manually remove any unsubscribe requests either. Anytime a subscriber wants to opt-out they can click a button inside their desktop reader and they won't ever get a message from you ever again.

Imagine how much more money you can make if your marketing messages always reach everyone on your list…

Could you make 2 times more sales than you currently enjoy?

5 times more sales?

I hope by now you are starting to see…

The Potential To Massively Boost Your Sales...

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging but I honestly believe you would be making a huge mistake if you tried any desktop software other than “Direct to Desktop Buzz”.

Some of my competitors want to charge you a monthly fee to use their software. One of them even hits you for more money each month when your list grows to more than 1,000 subscribers!

The stone-cold truth is... “Direct to Desktop Buzz” is positively better. You get great business-building features and an even better deal with “Direct to Desktop Buzz”.

There's no monthly fee to use “Direct to Desktop Buzz” to market your business.

There's no extra charges for the number of subscribers you have on your lists.

There's no hidden fees either.

... it's just a one-time investment of $67 for your copy of “Direct to Desktop Buzz”.

That's for software that can automate much of your marketing. Software that always gives you a 100% delivery rate — far better than any autoresponder service on the market.

It's a small investment in your business that will could pay profits for many years.

I honestly believe that “Direct to Desktop Buzz” is the best software of its kind on the market right now.

In fact, I feel so strongly about it that I'm going to take a big risk...

I Believe You'll Love “Direct to Desktop Buzz” So Much
That I'm Willing To Offer You a Bullet-Proof Guarantee...

But first, you need to understand why I'm so confident “Direct to Desktop Buzz” will take your marketing to a brand-new cutting edge level.

Here's what I'm talking about:

My No Strings Attached,
Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee!

I believe you'll love “Direct to Desktop Buzz” so much that I'm going to make this no b.s. clear-cut money back guarantee.

Simply grab your copy of “Direct to Desktop Buzz”. Take up to 60 days or 2 full months to take it for a test drive and prove just how useful and valuable this software truly is. Make an honest attempt to use “Direct to Desktop Buzz” to market to your subscribers or customers.

If you aren't 100% convinced that our software will continue to be a valuable marketing weapon in your business arsenal like I've said it would then please let me know and I will gladly refund every penny.

This is truly is a no-strings attached guarantee!


The honest-to-goodness true is, if you aren't using “Direct to Desktop Buzz” then you're taking a huge risk!

Every time you send out a marketing email to your customers or subscribers, you're hoping it reaches most of them.

Of course, you might see less and less of your messages getting through spam filters… bouncing back because of hitting full email inboxes.

That's not keeping track of current white listing rules and other hair-pulling headaches that are part of email marketing.

Isn't it time you started reclaiming some of the marketing power that you have been slowly losing with email marketing?

If you are ready to take back your marketing power, then you will want to grab your copy of “Direct to Desktop Buzz” right now.

You will gain a massive competitive edge in your niche — even if you are battling against internet marketing gurus. That's what Desktop Reader can do for you.

So don't wait... Grab your copy of “Direct to Desktop Buzz” now!

Yes! I'm Ready To Leave My Competition In The Dust!

I Want To Grab My Own Copy of “Direct to Desktop Buzz” Right NOW!

I understand I can eliminate all of the problems and headaches that come with traditional email marketing simply by using your cutting edge desktop software.

I agree that grabbing “Direct to Desktop Buzz” at the low price of $67 will give my business a major competitive edge and save me countless hours of email list management.

I'm ready to put the power of “Direct to Desktop Buzz” into action thanks to the arsenal of features that you've packed inside. I'll rest easy knowing that I'm building 100% opt-in subscriber lists that is managed automatically for me.

I'm happy to hear that my lists will always receive my marketing messages whenever I want them delivered.

Please give me my own copy of “Direct to Desktop Buzz” right now.


To Your Success,

Mike Serovey, MA, MISM    

P.S. Right now you're at a business crossroads. You can do nothing and watch your email marketing efforts slowly lose their effectiveness to spam filters, white listing, and declining delivery rates. Six months from now your business will probably be doing the same as it is now.

Or you can eliminate all of the problems weighing down email marketing. Just grab your copy of “Direct to Desktop Buzz” and you'll start enjoying 100% delivery rates to your lists immediately.

P.P.S. Think that I'm being a bit paranoid about email marketing losing it's effectiveness? Think again. According to the U.S. Email Marketing Forecast, email marketing is predicted to increase by $2 Billion yearly from now until 2014. The same report also forecasts that this growth will cause consumers to be hit with more than 9,000 email marketing messages each year!

Ask yourself: Do you want your messages to your customers and subscribers lost in a sea of 9,000 other emails? If you're like me, you want to make sure your message gets read — not buried in an overloaded email in-box. Take action now... grab your copy of “Direct to Desktop Buzz” right now and make sure your marketing messages get through 100% of the time.

P.P.P.S. One of the biggest complaints I hear from marketers who own membership sites or other monthly programs is customers who sign up... download everything... and then immediately cancel. If you offer a money-back guarantee, then they may even ask you to refund their payment!

Well, I have some great news for you. Thanks to “Direct to Desktop Buzz”, you can set up an automated content delivery system — right to your customers' desktop screen. At any time, if a customer asks to cancel their membership, it's really simple. With a few clicks of your mouse, “Direct to Desktop Buzz” will close their account... deactivate their reader on their computer... even uninstall the reader if you want! That's just one of the many ways “Direct to Desktop Buzz” can make your business life easier for you.